Soooooo Tired........

Can someone please explain to me how teaching a catatonic class is actually more exhausting than corralling a class of crazychildren who can't shut up?

My 2nd class today were so incredibly stone-faced that I spent the majority of the class period being Hyper-teacher just to get a little bit of response out of them. By the time that class left, I was beat.

On the upside, I was actually THRILLED to see my LoudADHD class during last period....because it meant that I wouldn't have to do all the discussing during the class discussion! (This is a welcome thing -- because otherwise, I would want to line them up for a one-way voyage to the moon!)


The principal sent an email to our computer dude today (cc'd me) directing him to assign one of the presentation carts to me. HAPPY HAPPY JOY JOY!!! That means I will have a cart with a digital projector, a document camera, AND a laptop. WOOP!!!!

I think I'm going to play the procrastination game and put off my grading til tomorrow. I'm wiped out. I think it's time for some sleepy time....nite y'all!!

Before I go....I've noticed on sitemeter that there's a regular reader from San Juan. I would love to chat with you...I have some questions about Puerto Rico. Could you email me, please?