In a Nutshell...

I worked my fanny off today. I was actually productive my ENTIRE conference period. Watch out, I think Hell might have frozen over.

You were warned.

I had a come-to-Jesus with a gang member today. He thought he was going to tag my desk...I told him to clean it off (it was pencil). He took his time...thought we were on his time schedule....I told him different....he still stalled. We had a convo in the hall about who was in charge. (The same woman who had the option of getting his butt kicked out for gang-related activity...especially on public property). He got the message. I'm pretty sure it was just his way of testing to see if the white lady knew anything about anything....hopefully, this will be the last time.

I talked to Buggy a little while ago. Apparently he's capital-S Serious about the Marines. He went today to do his physical...and would've been sworn in if he would have been cleared. They didn't clear him b/c of his shoulder (no surprise, there) so he has to go back in a couple days and get it checked out. I'm still not sure why he's been so closemouthed about all of this...he hadn't even talked to his coach about it. (I got an email from him about Buggy being absent.) Maybe he's rejoining civilization...he said he'd come by and talk to me about it tomorrow. Call me a cynic, but I'm not going to hold my breath til I see his little Buggy-self.

I opened up my Native American lit unit with my English classes today. We talked about the portrayal of Native Americans in the media and in the history books. I think they were surprised that I acknowledged the "white man spin" that exists on our history textbooks...and was willing to suggest that we need to be more inclusive of everyone's perspective & participation in our history. It ought to be an interesting year....if I'm already shaking their little trees so much so early!!

Stay tuned, friends!