Viva la Vacation!

I am thoroughly enjoying this event called a vacation. It's been awhile since I had I'm a little rusty as to what to do, but I think I'm figuring it out.

Yesterday I drove up to see The Short One for dinner and shopping. It was good to catch up with her...especially since she's been blog-deficient of late. (I found out it's because she's been having technical difficulties...not because she's ignoring us!!) She wanted me to assure everyone that she'll be back soon!

I found out yesterday that Crazybrother got a job. Although it means he's going to be working during the 1st session of summer school, rather than attending classes, it does mean he'll be able to contribute to his daughter. (I asked him if he was going to be using the money to "take care of stuff" rather than blowing it...he assured me he was. I told him that if he was planning on blowing it, his butt needed to be in summer school! )

I'm confident this, combined with his improved grades this past semester, will go a long way toward helping him feel more in control of his life.