I, Recluse

I gave in to my hibernation instincts...and played 'recluse' this weekend.

It was awesome. I feel recharged and somewhat ready to go back to work.

Here's what I accomplished this weekend:
sleeping -- Check
new flip flops -- Check
digital cable (hopefully!) --Check.
paying bills -- Check. (ouch)
letting my OCD/ADHD loose on the closets --nope
a trip to the chiropractor (FINALLY!) --Check!!
taking my TTU master's gown & hood to the cleaners --Check.
my couch, my new buddy Mr. Tivo &... (delayed by incompatibility of Mr. Tivo & Mr. Digital Cable)
1 episode of Grey's Anatomy
2 episodes of House
5 episodes of Judging Amy
some shopping --Check
some more sleeping --DOUBLECHECK!!
tinkering with the look of this-here blog --Nope. See above.
finally posting on my other blog --Ditto.
and other pursuits that I alone deem necessary... --TripleCheck.

Hope your weekend was spiffy.