I Heart Cinco de Mayo

I have a new favorite holiday.

Cinco de Mayo, while not necessarily a part of my birth heritage, has officially now become Ms. H's Favorite Holiday.

Although I do admire, respect, and appreciate the contribution made by the Mexican army in their squashing of the French...and am incredibly thankful that it has been Spanish, rather than French, that has influenced culture, language, and cuisine in this part of the country (the main reason I can function in Spanish is because of the cognate-factor!)......at this moment, the factor that makes Cinco de Mayo a LOCK for Ms. H's Favorite Holiday is....

I don't have to go to school tomorrow!!

No va a la escuela!!

Which means (until Monday at least) I have achieved blessed independence from the following things:
  • squirrels
  • Junior Theme
  • real shoes
  • computer labs
  • obnoxious squirrels
  • cranky colleagues
  • lazy squirrels
  • thesis statements
  • a schedule
  • squirrels in computer labs
  • Hearing "Miss!!" in crankysquirrelvoices
  • thoughts of squirrel-icide

I am quite sure you are bemoaning the complete and total sadness of my existence without said items. Take heart, my blogland friend.

My Dias de Independencia will include:
  • sleeping
  • new flip flops(80s flashback ahead)
  • digital cable (hopefully!)
  • paying bills
  • letting my OCD/ADHD loose on the closets
  • a trip to the chiropractor (FINALLY!)
  • taking my TTU master's gown & hood to the cleaners
  • my couch, my new buddy Mr. Tivo &...
  • 1 episode of Grey's Anatomy
  • 2 episodes of House
  • 5 episodes of Judging Amy
  • some shopping
  • some more sleeping
  • tinkering with the look of this-here blog
  • finally posting on my other blog
  • and other pursuits that I alone deem necessary...

Vaya con Dios, Mis Amigos!!