Ups & Downs

Today definitely had its ups & downs:

Down: Found out NeighborTeacher's hubby lost his job with 1-day's notice.

Up: 5th period (my 1st class of the day) was very work-oriented, without prodding from yours truly.

Up: Found out that FightingKid will be back in school soon...and he's getting switched to a different AP. YAY!

Down: Had to PREACH and FUSS at 6th period in order to get them to work.

Up: Had a warm&fuzzy email from anonymousteacher. She is now a card-carrying member of the BuggyFanClub. Membership has its privileges!

Up: Went to have my "summative conference" with my all high marks, AND found out that the rest of the APs are on my side in the drama with PissyAP.

Down: Found out how much work the APs are having to do, in order to cover for an absent AP....and how much drama PissyAP is causing besides.

Up: Volunteered to AppraiserAP that I could help with discipline, paperwork, etc...he seemed appreciative of the offer, and will probably take me up on it.

Down: Helping the APs will obliterate my conference periods.

Up: Helping the APs will give me brownie points with them AND Uberprincipal.

Down: NeighborTeacher told me that a sister school in town called to feel her out about going to work there.

Up: She and I decided we wouldn't leave the other one here....we're too good a team.

Down: 8th period couldn't shut the hell up. DramaKing flipped out and had to be sent to the hall.

Up: Talked DramaKing off the ledge, and ended up 'teammates' again...instead of enemies.

Up: Went to Buggy's meet...and got to sit with a couple of teacher friends. Buggy's brothers, Crazybrother and
BigBrother, showed up.

Up: In between events, I helped
Crazybrother with his notecards. After we did all the sourcecards, and I walked through the first notecard, he looked at me and said, "That's all there is to it?" (Which is what I've been trying to get him to realize for TWO CLASS PERIODS.)

Up: BigBrother assured me that I was not in a teacher-student relationship with Crazybrother right then, and was, in fact, allowed to smack him in the head.

Up: Had an enjoyable walk-down-memory-lane with BigBrother (who I had my 1st year here) about the HELL he gave me.

Up: Had an excellent time "clowning" on BigBrother...I got in some GOOD ones! After one particularly good one, he said, "Miss, when'd you learn how to clown on people?" I said, "I had to develop some coping mechanisms after dealing with the first Bugbrother FOUR YEARS AGO!" He grinned ear to ear.

Zinger: I realized JUST HOW MUCH BigBrother and Buggy look alike. The same face, eyes, grin....damn, it's eerie. I had to actually check the gym floor for Buggy to make sure that there were, in fact, two of them. The mind boggles.

Down: I talked, fussed at...BigBrother about his reasons for dropping out 1 year from graduating. "School just wasn't for me, Miss." He has no regrets.

I do.

Up: Decided that, four years from now, I will have zero regrets about each and every effort I make with Buggy.

Down: Buggy's shoulder kept him from doing all the fancy stuff & scoring the big points on rings, p-bars, and pommel.

Up: He KICKED ASS AGAIN on Vault. Did way better than last night, even.

Down: He only got an 8.5. Bastage judge.

Down: Buggy missed qualifying for state by this much } { in Vault. He was really down...said "That judge just didn't want me to go to State." As much as I'd like to believe he's just being paranoid, I know he's probably right.

Up: BuggyFanClubTeacher and her hubby gave me a check to help send Buggy to camp. Awww!

Up: Knowing that camp is going to help make him UNSTOPPABLE next year. CAN'T WAIT.

Up: No school tomorrow, thanks to a "Staff Development Day".