Long day.

I am going to have an aneurysm thanks to this junior theme. I've had the timeline meticulously planned out...with all of the due dates/agenda items/discussion topics, etc. noted in a OCD-worthy table format.. for WEEKS....and now I'm seriously wondering if I should bump the notecard due date back a day.

Ultimately, I don't want to screw up the schedule.

I think I'm going to let it ride...see how many of them don't have the notecards done and go from there.

Next week is TAKS testing, so my schedule is shot to hell, anyway. I'm hoping I can be incredibly productive in the 35 minutes I have in each class....so we'll have to see.

If anyone has any Golden Nuggets about teaching thesis development...please feel free to pass them on. I need "sound bites" that will explain to very visual kids how to do a very non-visual process.

I went straight from school to the good ole post office to mail my fundraising donation to the city of Southlake. (The BoycottSouthlake campaign is on, my friends!)

Then I went to TrainerDude's to get in some cardio before today's showing of the Theatre of Pain. (I turned on the "Reggaeton" tracks I downloaded from Buggy, and although my limited Spanish kept me from understanding most of the lyrics, the beat was INCREDIBLE!! I cruised through about a mile and a half before I realized it!)

TrainerDude was, once again, in rare form.

I really do think he was "that kid" who always got shoved in the locker in junior high. And now he's taking it out on us.

I blazed a trail from there to my friend's house to shower before the gymnastics meet. (Thank God for hospitable friends...I did NOT want to show up at the meet looking and smelling like a toxic waste dump.)

I got to the meet at 6:20. I was fully expecting to be just in time to see all the teams enter and get introduced at 6:30. Imagine my surprise when I walked in and realized that they STARTED TWO HOURS PRIOR!!!

Turns out, the meet was moving slow, so I actually only missed 2 of Buggy's events -- the pommel horse, and the rings. (I was a-ok with missing the rings. The iron cross gives me the heebie-jeebies EVERY time.)

Thankfully, he kicked ass on the floor routine. (As opposed to last time when he fell on it..twice.) And he stuck the landing on the vault...to the tune of a 9.65. (Again, much better than the Bug-on-the-windshield impression last time.)

He was sporting a rather sizable ice bag on the right shoulder. I'm hoping it gets to feeling better before tomorrow night's meet...he said it feels like bone scraping bone when he rotates his shoulder. For Buggy to even utter the words, "It hurts"....means that the rest of us would be under the table chewing on the floor tiles. All I can say is...OUCH. Keep your fingers crossed.

And, before I left tonight, I made extra double sure that I checked with the coach to see what time the meet starts tomorrow night. The verdict: 4:45.

I am ever so glad it's a 4-day week. I'm not sure I could take a whole 'nother day without sending someone on a long walk off a very short pier.