Spring Break Recap

It will never cease to amaze me how quickly time can speed by. Where did the week go?

Saturday-Wednesday: Road Trip to Arkansas
I went to see the parents for the first part of break...which was a nice change of pace. Arkansas may get the short end of a lot of jokes, but it is really beautiful. Beautiful, except when a big fat thunderstorm, complete with hail, is ripping through. Some of you may remember my Neon's bout with hail in 1999. Apparently, there's a 6-year limit on my hail-free status. My little Hyundai (purchased 2.5 years ago after the Neon got stolen) got its hail-initiation. I called my insurance agent and got the go-ahead to get an estimate when I got back to Texas.

Thursday: Workout with Trainer Dude
I got home Wednesday evening so I could rest up for my Thursday session with Trainer Dude. I've been working out with him since January 11, and have been pretty good about keeping up with my regular workouts during the rest of the week. I wasn't so good over break. By the time we had our session Thursday, it'd been a week and a half since I'd worked out. HOLY CRAP!! I thought I was going to die!!

Friday: Body Shop Estimate & Hair Appointment
On my way to my hair appointment, I took the Elantra to the body shop. The verdict: I need a new hood and windshield, a new trunk, some new molding, and repair work on the roof. Mucho dinero. Ay caramba.

I hauled Elantra butt over to my hair salon to get my "hair did". (I noticed some gray hairs last week...the first ones ever...and HAD to get my roots done! I told Buggy they were his fault, because I noticed them after his neardeath experience!) I turned my stylist loose with the color and then he wanted to blend in my bangs (we've been growing them out since August, and they were finally long enough to do something with). I about had a stroke when he started cutting, but I hung in there....and I walked out of there feeling all kinds of CUTE!!

I met a friend for dinner at Freebirds...and then drove home in the rain to spend a night doing absolutely NOTHING except listen to the thunderstorms.

Saturday: Makeup-inspired Mall Trip
Why is it that all of your makeup runs out all at the same time? Foundation, moisturizer, powder, concealer...all went poof at the same time. Dammit. It gets kinda expensive when you're advancing in age and can no longer wear the cheap stuff!! So I talked a friend into braving the rain for some retail therapy. (Gotta love malls with parking garages!)

Sunday: Vegetation Land
I have set no records for productivity today, let me tell you. I finished reading a book (Size 12 is not fat!), frittered around on the internet, looking for blog backgrounds...decided that was another battle for another day....and did a few loads of laundry, with some tv watching thrown in for good measure. That's it. It has poured rain all day (for the 3rd day in a row) on North Texas...so much so that underpasses and roads turned into rivers, and people had to be rescued from their cars. holy moley!

As much as I hollered about having to turn in grades before break...I sure am glad that, as of this moment, I am TOTALLY CAUGHT UP ON GRADING. (enter singing choirs of angels)Otherwise, I would've spent the weekend dreading grading...and putting it off until probably right now! Which would violate my Sanctity of The 9:00 Hour Proclamation. The 9:00 hour is strictly reserved for watching Grey's Anatomy. Love that show.

Tomorrow morning, that alarm is going to go off at 5 a.m....and I am going to be hating life. At that moment, I will curse the fact that I stayed up too late each and every night of this week...and slept in every single morning. But until then, I am going to have nothing but happy thoughts about my rotten sleeping habits....and how much I can't wait til summer!!