Sleep Deficit

My shitteeee sleeping habits over Spring Break have finally caught up with me. Tonight's post will be relatively short and sweet, as I have GOT to have more than 3.75 hours of sleep tonight.

The highlights:
1. The gymnastics coach recommended a camp for Buggy...and I had another teacher offer to pitch in on the registration cost. There are still logistics to work out (the camp is in Oklahoma, so I have to make sure I have my ass legally covered so I can drive Buggy up there--and we need to make sure that Buggy has insurance in case he does the dying-cockroach stunt off the rings) as well as personal grudges to work out (the camp is at my Red Raider heart will have to come to terms with sending mi hijo to the 'other side'). But, it's a great it's the best for I'm going to suck it up.

2. I covered the "Curley's wife's threat"part of Mice & Men with my last class today. It went better than all the other classes...I think blog-processing it last night helped me clear my head.

3. Started watching the movie with my 2nd class today. Apparently they are becoming 'visualizers' to some extent....they were kinda pissed that Lennie wasn't a BIGGER guy in the movie. Apparently John Malkovich was NOT who they saw in their little cabezas. Small victory...but I'll take it.

4. I was feeling pretty skinny today thanks to the clothes I was wearing. The pants are getting to the "officially too baggy" stage...they were comfortable, but looked sloppy. YES! I heart Trainer Dude! I may hate him for the lunges and step-ups...but I'm getting definition back in my legs...and my ASS is coming back!! WOOP!

5. Although I desperately wanted to go to bed, I went out with some Uberschool friends for some "fellowship" this evening...and had a blast! My lack of being at home has left me SCREWED as far as preparation for tomorrow (we're supposed to discuss all the themes, motifs, etc in OMAM...and I don't have my shit written down yet). Which means I need to make sure I write it down during 1st period's discussion tomorrow....or I'm going to tell all the classes different crap...and then I'm going to be in big trouble when I go to write the take-home test. Ay caramba.

6. Had an AWESOME conversation with an old friend this afternoon. Sometimes it's good to talk to those people who have known you for a long-ass time...but will still answer the phone when you call! (AND I have lured her over to the Land of gentle to her, my people...she's fragile!) HA!

My bed is calling.....hasta pasta!!