Off Duty

I just got back from playing volleyball on our faculty team. We are in a local league...and are playing totally for fun. The volleyball gods have smiled on us, and our games are at a rec center verrrry far away from our school. A great chance to have fun with your colleagues, you say? I would have agreed with you...would have. Past tense. Not after tonight.

No, see, of the team members, who is also the yearbook/newspaper sponsor, brought HER STUDENTS to TAKE PICTURES.

I did not sign up to be a DAMN PHOTO OP.

I also did not sign up to spend my Thursday evenings around students. If I wanted to be around students, by God, I'd volunteer for something AT THE SCHOOL. ON THE OTHER SIDE OF TOWN.

This teacher is totally oblivious to the fact that not everyone wants to be photographed every moment of their damn lives.

I would prefer to lose in anonymity, thank you very much.

Does anyone know...does the Witness Protection Program have a Co-rec Volleyball Division?