Starting Up

I don't know why I'm always surprised that the first few weeks of a new school year always wipe me out. I spent this week being to leap tall stacks of literature books in a single bound...but, since my cape only works inside Uberschool, I came home each night ready to crrrrrrrrrrrrrash.
Which I did.
Which explains why I haven't posted in a week.

Let me re-cap the week:
**Unbeknownst to me, Maintenance installed a revolving door on my classroom, because I've had a constant stream of students entering and leaving my class roll.
**Apparently the counselors have been rendered incapable of doing simple math, because even though my class roll says "No Seats Left"....they keep adding students.
**Tragically, I've developed a serious case of UberschoolAgoraphobia. After it took me 45 minutes to get A CUP OF ICE....because people came out of the woodwork to ask me "a quick question" about their computer....I will now go to any length to NOT go into the teachers' lounge, or the hallways, or even the parking lot. (Yeah. NewSpecialEdTeacher started firing questions at me in the parking lot at SEVEN A.M. in the MORNING! Dammmmn! Can I get IN the building first, please??!)
**I don't feel guilty about dodging these people, because all of their questions were PRE-answered in detailed, stepbystep emails....which they didn't read. Because apparently my fellow teachers, even though they have COLLEGE DEGREES, do not know how to read.

On the upside:
**I am no longer the junior class sponsor. WOOP!
**I chatted with the DistrictTechnologyGuy about the fact that I didn't get a new computer when the rest of Uberschool teachers did. (He was stunned, and promised to look into it.)
**Uberprincipal asked me to babysit the dual-enrollment class on the days that the college teacher is not there. (I give up my conference period, but I get it's spiffy!)
**I survived the hell that was Senior Picture Day. The schedule was SO poorly designed that the kids were out of class for hours at a time, and only about half of them got their picture taken. (Yeah, you guessed it. They're going to schedule another picture day. Yip--effin--e.)
**I decided that I need to officially get back on the Workout Wagon. Last night I went and joined the gym that Hellion and Corn are members of.

And the best news of all......
We had a MAJOR BREAKTHROUGH with Buggy this week. He only had to sit through 2 math classes before he decided he is hella-bored because it is so easy. He actually said, "Mannnnn, I shoulda retaken that test."

To my credit, I managed to NOT say, "HA!!!! I TOLD YOU SO!"

(but I sure did think it!)

Important Update:
Hey...tomorrow's my birthday. How cool is that??