I'm sure there may be a few people who thought my nickname for my co-teacher was a little harsh. I mean, tagging someone as PassiveAggressive might appear just a slightly extreme. To those individuals, I say:

Au Contraire, mon frere!!!!!

After questioning me about why I was in her office when I should be in class....and hearing me reply "Are you serious? PAPartner knows I'm here!!! I need to talk to you about this mess because we need to know what to do with these kids that should be graduating!" .....MyAPBuddy told me that she was tired of getting yelled at by PseudoGruffAP about the fact that I need to be in the classroom.

I was totally befuddled. Yesterday I didn't leave the classroom except during break....because I didn't want to give Whatsherbutt onedamnthing to bitch about. I looked at MyAPBuddy
and told her that.

At which point she shares the most recent PassiveAggressive episode with me.

It seems that yesterday, after I confronted PAPartner, she called PseudoGruffAP and ratted me out again. I don't know exactly what she could have possibly added about my being out of the classroom (because I have had my ass glued to my desk chair since her previous snitch-bulletin)...but apparently she told him about my confronting her and *shocker* LIED ABOUT WHAT HAPPENED.

She told him I "cursed" at her.



At. Her.

Okay. Granted, I realllllllllllllllllllllllly wanted to. But I kept all of those words to myself. And there were a lot. Trust me.

I worked very hard to choose non-trigger words and to use I-statements. It about killed me, but I did it. So, unless she could read the itty-bitty thought bubble that was floating above my head, she is full of poop.

MyAPBuddy told him, "You know how MsH is. She handles her stuff and doesn't leave her class unless she absolutely has to. She also shoots straight when she's talking to people. PAP is blowing things all out of proportion."

Until now, I've been pretty content to let my track record speak for itself. After today, I've decided that this situation has gotten out of control. But when I'm catching heat from administrators I'm COOL WITH??? (God help me if PissyAP was in charge of summer school...I'd be written up by now.) Forget the fact that they know her accusations are unfounded. I shouldn't have to be on their radar at all. Why's that? Oh yeah, because I'm DOING MY DAMN JOB!!!! And all this is because she can't grow the hell up and walk her happy ass across the hall to talk to me like GROWNUPS??? (Note to the people: She's my mother's age....so I should not have to be the more mature one in this interchange!)

I've decided that the time has come for me to talk to him. I am quite convinced that the only reason he's passing messages thru the other AP is because a) he knows there's zero merit to her story and b) he figures if I stay in my room she'll quit bitching. (Which I'm POSITIVE is his sole wish on this planet.) And yeah, I'm capable of playing her game long enough to be done with this summer session. But why the fuck should I have to? If I'm doing MY JOB....she should leave me alone. If she has concerns, she needs to f'ing grow up...walk across the hall (she does it 8,000 times a day anyway to get files and such from my room)....and discuss her concerns with me. Discuss. Like colleagues who work together to solve a situation.

You know what. That's it. She doesn't want to discuss this with me, because she knows that if I'm allowed to participate in the conversation, she's going to have be okay with the fact that she's not going to have it 100% her way. Because I'm not going to bow to her every whim.

So she's decided that she'll have pressure applied from above.

let's find some adjectives...

passive-aggressive (she's extra nice to my face!)
insufficient communication skills

Yeah, I know that I intimidate people. I've been told that before. But I try extra hard to maintain an open line of communication with people I'm working with....especially in a situation like this. I could've gone to one of the APs about my concerns before I discussed them with her. But I didn't. I figured I should practice what I preach to my students -- if you have a problem with someone, you go to them and try to figure it out. I didn't expect her to fall at my feet and say "Of course, you're absolutely right. I will do it your way from now on." That would have been nice...but unrealistic. All I wanted was for her to have an awareness of where I was coming from, and an idea of what my expectations are of the people who I work with. That's it.

Why the hell has it gotten blown so much out of proportion???!!

dammit to hell.


This is ridiculous.