Update: The Bugg

Tuesday was the first half of Regionals for Buggy. He was incredible!! Tonight is the 'optionals' part of the competition....so if you would keep your fingers crossed and send all kinds of warm & fuzzy vibes his way, I would really appreciate it! He's got an excellent shot of making it to State...so I'm hoping for the best.

On the college front:
*He signed up online for Preview Day at DFWUniversity. (When it asked how many people he was bringing, he looked at me and said, "Do you want to go with me?" I said, "If you want me to." He entered, "2".)
*We spent the ride to Novia's dance performance the other night discussing Freshman Orientation.
*His counselor called me and said he's going to be getting a rather sizable scholarship for college & asked that I make sure he goes to the awards program. I promised that if I had to drag him there by his hair....he would be there!

I think he's starting to let himself accept that this college thing is really going to happen. (See, God does answer prayers!)