Makin' it to the Other Side

It appears that the storms of late are receding and there are sunny-ish skies ahead....

Thank God.

The Update:
**Buggy's FAFSA has been processed and his SAR has been sent to DFWUniversity. (Once they send his award letter, I'll be able to say "SEE!! I TOLD YOU YOUR ASS COULD AFFORD TO GO TO COLLEGE!!!") ...and then I may call up his recruiter....just to chat. Ha!
**I am finally...blessedly...caught up on the damned professional development database.
**The email came down from Uberprincipal about my not completing that online test for rating my LimitedEnglishProficiency kids. Although it was cc'd to my appraiser, there can be no formal write-up -- gotta love the absence of "teeth" in enforcing things that are only "strongly encouraged" but not "state-mandated" for teachers to do.
**I am achieving a state of Blissfully Contented Apathy regarding my students who are IrretrievablyFarBehindontheJuniorTheme. (They can do it in summer school.)
**I talked to BaldMan about my reservations about moving to 12th grade. He was very attentive and understanding. He also explained that the decision is being "strongly encouraged" from "above" (i.e..Uberprincipal) because "they need to move someone up who has very low failure rates". (i.e. Yours Truly)
**This means -- Uberprincipal can't be totally pissed with me if she's acknowledging that I'm kickingass in what she's hired me to do -- which is TEACH!!!
**BaldMan also said he's going to give me my room during BOTH of my conference periods so I can work on the staff dev. database and my other "additional duties". YAY!
**I am beginning to look forward to teaching seniors next year. Let's recap why:
-I can have some of my kids from this year (less housebreaking involved!)
-No damn junior theme (and MY kids will know howthehell to do the Senior Theme!!)
-I won't have to deal with preparing them for the exit-level TAKS.
-I'll be teaching the same prep as Hellion and BaldMan -- we can plan/collaborate...coast!
-I will have a airtight, valid reason for stepping down as Junior Class Sponsor.
**Freddy is settling in...FINALLY. He's becoming more comfortable with me...and his separation anxiety is abating, which is awesome. He's starting to be more social with that's a good sign as well. (I'm pretty sure he was abused as a pup b/c he spent the first 2 weeks doing the gecko-walk and flinching at almost any movement.)
-I took him to the groomer and to PetSmart on Saturday. He was working the crowd!! (Yet another reason why he should be named BuggyJr. Those two are 2 peas in a pod, I tell ya!)
-Freddy and I took multiple walks everyday this past weekend. Which meant that Freddy then came in and took multiple naps everyday this past weekend. (We walked those little legs OFF!)

All in all, things are looking up. And I'm pretty damned happy about it. *woop*