I know I've been AWOL deepest apologies. I have many things to update you on, but I am super-duper tired, and must get some sleep.

HOWEVER...I could not go to bed without telling you that I "met" Novia's English Teacher today. I use quotes because we didn't actually interact...but we were in the same workshop ALLLLLLLLLLL day today.

I know, I know. I can hear you. "Ms. H. WHY OH WHY did you not line her out?!"

Sidenote: I sent Buggy a text telling him she was in my session. And asked him if he thought I should "introduce" myself. He said yes.

I then asked, "Do I have to be nice?"

His answer?



So why...especially considering the fact that The Bugg gave his blessing for me to rabble-rouse, did I refrain?

Because, young grasshopper, the was not right.

I was afraid I would say something (I wasn't sure I could keep from reciting my soliloquy) ....that would in turn anger her.......which would then prove problematic, as Novia's junior theme is due tomorrow.

All is not lost, my friends.


We have the continuation of the session next week.

Guess who'll be makin' a new friend??!?!


Yours truly.