Yesterday afternoon I got so fed up with The Bugg that I decided I was done playing the "oooo tread lightly, Buggy's having a Mood so everybody needs to give him exactly what he wants -- space" game.




And I told him so.

And told him that I would give him 100% space. Period.

This afternoon, I was on the phone with SingingGirl...solving the problems of the world...when, unbeknownst to us --

Hell was freezing over.

We received notification of this when my call-waiting beeped, and it was.....wait for it.....

The Bugg.

I about fell over.

And then, after a very bashful, "So you were mad, yesterday?"...

And a terse, "Yes"....

and a long, painful-for-him, pause...

He said, "I wanted to say Thank You."

I about fell over again.

Apparently, even though Hell had frozen over, the icicles did not prevent him from calling me to tell me........

He got his acceptance letter to DFWUniversity!!!!




As in....FINALLY .... we can put this I'm-going-to-pretend-I'd-rather-go-to-the-Marines -or-Tradeschool-because-I'm-scared-of-rejection BS behind us, because Buggy has finally realized that...

I. Was. Right. (ooooooo, I LOVE those words!!)

He IS college material.

(I love THOSE words, too!!)


And then, later this evening, he called me to ask me to call his mom about the Marine stuff. (The recruiter has been relentless in telling her they're going to come get Buggy on his ship date. That he's not really discharged. Et cetera.)

So, even though I'm still ticked at Buggy, I did it. His mom spent quite a bit of time thanking me for helping him....which led to our having a very thorough conversation about The Bugg and his 'tude. (It seems he's been a pain in the ass at home, as well. No wonder he didn't want us talking, eh?)

He has NO idea what's waiting for him the next time we talk. None.

(Justsoyaknow...just because I'm THRILLED that he's going to college....I'm not letting him off the "you were a complete jerk" hook. We're going to discuss some things AT length....)

But.....just for a minute....let's focus on the Fun Part: