Holding Pattern

I am still waiting on The Verdict from the seller's bank as to whether or not they're going to accept my offer. According to my realtor, the seller's agent said it looks like the bank is going to accept it. So I'm trying to wait patiently. When I made my offer, I told my realtor that I wasn't going to play the negotiation game. If they accepted my offer, great. If not, there were other houses out there. Although I hope I don't have to walk away from this house before we even get to the inspection stage, I'll do it if I need to.

I met with my mortgage broker the other day...and we're good to go as soon as the bank executes the contract. Although I'm having to come up with the closing costs for this house, it looks like I'm going to get a pretty manageable house payment. (Don't fret: it's not my mortgage broker who's making me pay the closing costs...it's the seller's bank. They've said absolutely no closing cost contribution.) By the way, I'm learning a ton about what goes into buying a house that's about to go into foreclosure...you get a great deal, but you don't have a lot of leverage for making demands.

Luckily, this house is in pretty good shape. (Barring any surprises during the inspection, of course.) It's not going to need a ton of work prior to my moving in. This is GREAT news -- because the spring semester of Junior English is IN-sane. I'm going to be doing good to get packed and moved....much less do a bunch of MizzFixIt projects.

I am going to need to put in a front yard. Right now, it's dirt-land. I'm not worried about all the work it's going to take. I figure I've got a couple of teenage males who will be jumping at the chance to show their gratitude for my dragging their keisters allllll the way to graduation.

And if they even think about just saying no?

I'm quite sure their girlfriends will be verrrry instrumental in convincing them to donate their time.