El Casita

My realtor called me this evening with the report on the foundation. A guy came out to look at it & measure it. He said it looks in really good shape -- it hasn't shifted noticeably, etc. The one potential issue is that I might have to put piers under the garage in a year or so....but that's minor compared to having to do them under the entire house. (Which has already been done/paid for by someone else.)

My inspection is scheduled for Friday....and I've gotten the go-ahead from SavvyAP (Buggy's AP) to take the day off. They usually frown on teachers missing Friday and/or Monday...but she said this was a good reason. *Grin*

It looks like the house may be a go. The only thing that could spell trouble would be that Mr. Termite has hosted a marathon family reunion within the walls of my future-abode-to-be. Other than that, the house looks pretty solid. My financing is a go...MortgageDude is floating the rate for a couple days to see if rates are going to go down before we lock it in -- but there's no huge risk of the rates going up.

My current dilemma involves when I should turn in my 30 day notice to my apartment complex. RealtyGuru says that closing is on the 13th....and it seems pretty solid, considering the bank is READY to offload this house. I've heard so many horror stories of closing dates getting pushed back, that I'm tempted to wait until i have the keys in my hand before I turn in my notice. (and pay the reletting fee)....


it sure would be nice to NOT pay rent for March and get a little caught up financially before my mortgage payment starts in April.

I guess I'll wait to see what the inspection shows on Friday. My inspector is a nit-picky dude...who takes/prints out pictures with his reports. I will have a verrrry thorough idea of everything that is wrong with the house by Friday afternoon.

stay tuned....