Holy Tornado!!

Why is it that I can spend almost an entire vacation doing absolutely nothing....and be perfectly happy about it....but when I decide I want to go mingle with the humanoids, the weather drops the atmospheric-hammer on me?!

I had great plans today to run a ton of errands, and then do some shopping, and then do some driveby-looksees on some potential casitas.

I did do some errands. I did one driveby-looksee (out of a potential 12). And then I went to Barnes & Noble to do some shopping.

While I was in B&N, painstakingly shopping for items to make the best use of the giftcard from my brother, all hell was breaking loose in the North Texas atmosphere.

I was blissfully unaware.

...until the manager-lady came over the speaker and asked us all to move to the back of the store because a tornado was supposed to be coming through the immediate area. Soon.

Having lived a large portion of my life in the states of Missouri & Kansas....I quickly complied with the instructions. (But not before grabbing a for-fun-reading book off the shelf as I went!)

We got herded into the music department (right by a fire-exit door, and surrounded by artistic glass-panels)...and spent about 5 minutes there, before we were instructed to pile into the bathrooms because the tornado was headed right for us. Much noise was made by the patrons as they piled into the 'facilities'....folks were either panicking about their imminent meeting with Their Maker, or they were jabbering on their cellphones alerting the entire free world to The Crisis.

As is usually the case with North Texas weather, all of the Barnes & Noble excitement was for naught. All we saw from the tornado was some rain and (supposedly) some hail. I, for one, was immensely glad. I mean, I've often played the "I wonder how My Demise will occur" game....but "In the Barnes & Noble bathroom" never actually made it onto the radar.

I know, shocker.

I gotta give props to my little brother for the ingenuity of his gift. I'm sure that AggieBoy simply thought he was just getting his book-crazy sister a giftcard to Barnes & Noble. I am positive it never crossed his mind that he was getting me a ticket to the Barnes&Noble Tornadic Activity Amusement Park!!

On second thought, the kiddo always has been quite the bargain shopper....so he very well might have orchestrated events so his sister's trip to B&N would be super-memorable. You never know with that kid.


:0) Hasta