I don't what my problem is...but lately I've been stressed beyond belief. I have a million things I need to do, and although I am always working on something, it seems like there's always something else hanging over my head. Something that someone else needs right away. Something that I've agreed to do, to help with, whatever...but that is lately turning into a big damn albatross around my neck.

Let's visit the list of things I'm behind on, shall we?

**technology classes for teachers (can't tell you how many of those I've meant to do, but haven't)
**paperwork for my special ed students (2 ARDs coming up.)
**junior class fundraisers (need to contact screenprinters, as well as figure out the blasted carnation sale)
**our campus exchange time database (thank God the district person I submit the requests to loves me. he's excellent about pushing my stuff through at the last minute.)
**writing workshop for my classes (I want to combine some Gretchen Bernabei stuff with some Image Grammar to help my kids work on their writing for the TAKS essay)
**the numerous emails from teachers who've screwed up their computers/gradebooks and need a 'housecall' to get it figured out (right. That's what I need to spend my conference period doing. Running all over the school fixing YOUR crap because you're too lazy to read the directions we send via email.)
**teachers who ask me to help them with computer stuff that is high-priority on their list, but doesn't even register a ittybitty radarblip on mine. (burning a cd for one of the acts for the teacher talent show, helping some teacher with her project for a grad. class)

When I start trying to problem-solve, I ask myself what I've been doing that is throwing me off track. The answer? Preparing for my know, all that frivolous stuff. I'll be honest, staying caught-up with grading and lesson planning is a new gig for me. Usually, I'm LastMinuteLucy. Not this year. This year, I've actually been grading stuff and kicking it right back to 'em.

Apparently, that's what's throwing me off.

Staying caught up with grading and my 3 preps has created a lack of time to do all that extra crap that I've gotten signed up for.

I'm feeling very much out of control, and I don't like it. It makes me crazy. Which is probably why my eyes popped open at 3 a.m. this morning...because I know I've got a ton of crap to do. If I had my choice, I'd give something up...but that's not an option. It's becoming quite clear that the only way I'm going to feel better is to make a big list of all the crap that's hanging over my head, and start clearing it out.

Here I go to List-Land. Wish me luck.