What am I?! 16?!

Okay....so I'd pretty much convinced myself that I had jinxed it by telling people about "the boy". (I realllllly need to come up with a blog-o-nym for him....any suggestions?) After the email I got from him earlllly Wednesday morning....I didn't hear from him again until Saturday evening. By that time, I just KNEW I was never going to hear from him again...and was KICKING myself.

Saturday evening...about 8:00...I checked email, and there it was. An email from "him". And not a short little "adios" email, either.

Nope. It was a rather long email (considering how non-wordy most guys usually are) that talked about what he does for the railroad, as well as the fact that he's leaving for vacation this weekend. Turns out, he started out working on the train crew, but decided that living out of a suitcase, constantly on call, wasn't his gig. He moved into a dispatcher's job several years ago, and has been happy as a clam ever since.

He complimented me on my emails being "insightful and full of breadth and depth"....and then explained that he is super s..............l.............o.............w when it comes to typing, and that the program keeps timing him out of the 'compose' window. HA!!

Now, if that had been the extent of the email...I would have been A-ok, peachy-keen.

But when I got to the bottom and read, "....I suggest that we graduate this discovery of each other to the phone, if you're comfortable with that..."

all of a sudden, I heard this earsplitting sound....

the one that is usually heard in the hallway of a school and usually comes from squealing teenage girls...

Only, it turns out....this time...it was coming from me!!

I wasn't even aware that I was still physically capable of producing that sound. Come to find out, I am!

So, yes....I sent him my phone number (cell phone b/c I only use my home phone as the Telemarketer Interception System)....and have left it in his court. I doubt I'll hear from him for a few days, at least. He's on vacation...so I'm going to chill out and wait for him to get back before I start flipping out over "Is he going to call?!?!?" and stay glued to the phone.

What. You don't believe me? Come on, now. I am an adult after all...I can't believe you'd think I'd be so immature about it...seriously.......