Gearing up for Day 1

My co-teacher and I decided to modify the questionnaire from a famous credit card ad campaign and have our kids fill it out tomorrow. (We need some valuable yet filler-esque stuff because MOST of our children wait til this week to pick up schedules....leaving classes floundering....yeah, yeah, I know -- which came first - the chicken or the egg...don't get me started!) But hey!! at least this will give us some insight into their little heads!

After I typed it up, I filled out the questionnaire so I can share my answers with my new kiddos.

You, my dear blogland friends, get a sneak peek:

Ms. H.

Future goals: get married, have kids, be an Assistant Principal
Favorite book/story: The President’s Daughter
Favorite movie: A Time to Kill
Favorite music: 80s music
I believe: in looking beyond the surface.
Childhood ambition: teacher
Best memory: summer afternoons at my grandma’s house
Favorite hangout: with my friends
Pastime: reading
Soundtrack: laughter
Wildest dream: the end of poverty
Biggest challenge: admitting I have limitations
Proudest moment: each and every time “my kids” succeed
Perfect day: lots of sunshine and lots of free time
Inspiration: my cousin, Tyler, who is a 2-time cancer survivor
My life: must be used to help others. it's your turn! You know the drill - copy/paste, delete my info, add your own.
When you're done...drop me a comment so I can come visit!!