My Squirrels

The way it stands now, CrazyBrother and Worm will both be in my class next year for English 3. They won't be in the same class period...but will both be in my domain.

I'm pretty excited about having Worm in my class, because he really strikes me as a kid who has a lot of potential....he just hasn't developed his academic strengths yet. He struggles with I am THRILLED that he's going to be in one of my smaller classes. I'll have the chance to spend more one-on-one time with those kids, helping them figure out strategies for their writing. He's a superbright kid...he just has to figure out the secret of how his brain works...and make it do what he wants it to.

I hope you're sitting down. If not, do it now.

CrazyBrother...PRAISE actually on track to graduate in May.

Yeah, that's right. Even with GETTING DROPPED FROM SUMMER SCHOOL FOR ABSENCES...he has the chance to walk across the stage in 10 months.

Of course, he has to pass each and every class he's signed up for this year. Each and every one.

Ay caramba.

I discussed this with him yesterday....and gave him fair warning that I fully intend to sit and watch him and Buggy walking across the stage at the same time. I told him that if he thought I'd been in the middle of his "stuff" before....he hadn't seen NOTHING yet. I told him he was far, far too smart to be dropping out like his brother and his cousins. period.

He agreed with me.

He then told me that BigBrother was applying for a program to get his high school diploma...and was then going to go to the community college.



Yes, it's true.

I don't know why BigBrother has decided to get his act together...maybe he's seeing Buggy quickly approach graduation and realizing that he, the BIG brother, is about to get passed up and left behind...I don't know. If that's the case...and it's all due to the muy grande competitive streak those boys have...then I am OhSoThankful for That.

Having had this kid in class, I do know that if he sets his mind to do something...he makes it happen. Before, he set his mind to being a huge discipline problem and completely quitting school. Maybe now the switch has flipped and he's decided it's time to grow up and get the diploma.

When I talked to him today, I told him I was proud of him and that he was too smart to be working deadend jobs for the rest of his life.....and told him if he needed help with anything to let me know.

Please, God. All I can hope is that he follows through with it.