Please stop by...

So...I'm happily walking down the hall during conference period this morning...minding my own business (for once!)...when I see Uberprincipal walking toward me with a student.

My first thought should have been one of concern for the student. Seriously, you've got to have messed up PRETTY bad to have Uberprincipal escorting your little butt to class. But no.

Nope, my first thought was one of utter gratitude and instantaneous relief that I had made the wise choice today to NOT wear jeans. (We don't have a formal dress code at Uberschool...but it's wise to not push the denim-envelope.)

Imagine my suprise when through the internal soundtrack of the White Girl Happy Dance, I hear, "Good Morning Ms. H. Could you please stop by and see me at your convenience?"


(You know that sound the cars in crash tests make when they smack into the concrete wall? That's the sound my brain made. Damn. It was loud.)

Although MyAPBuddy and I have been known to hang out and chit-chat on occasion...Uberprincipal and I do not. This "stop by" request was outta the blue.

My response?

"Sure. I in trouble again?"

I know. I know. It's one thing to think it. But another all together to actually SAY it! Thankfully, I have a reputation for being funny, so she grinned and said "No" before continuing the Death March.

I gave her 10 minutes to walk the student to his destination and then went to her office.

Turns out. I'm NOT in trouble. (I almost wish I were.)

Oh no...even though I dodged the bullet for applying to be Stu-Co sponsor for next year... (6 years of student organization advising in Res. Life did me in!) apparently, my name had been mentioned as a





holy crap. please tell me you're kidding.

After discussing the role, and the fact that I could get some "people" to help me...she said she'd understand if I said no...because "you've got a lot going on next year". But then, she asked me to give it some thought, and let her know in a day or two.

I'm a realist. And I'm no dummy. I know darn good-n-well that it is in my absolute best interest to say yes.

All I can say is....Watch out Uberfaculty!! I'm lookin' for recruits!!