Helluva Week

I am not sure exactly what substance the folks at the Texas Education Agency were partaking of when they created the schedule for the TAKS test...but whooweee! it must've been strong.

Not only do we test FOUR DAYS IN A ROW for FOUR HOURS A DAY....but then we go to all FOUR classes in the afternoon. For 35 minutes each.

Our classes are normally NINETY minutes....and accomplishing getting those children seated in order to impart instruction to their brains in that timeframe is challenging enough. Much less, getting them in the room, seated, and focused after a morning of intense quiet and fervent bubbling. I, apparently, was one of the few teachers who tried to accomplish anything in that time frame. (Most of the other teachers gave 'free days'.)

And it about killed me.

But unless I wanted to push the timeline back so far that the damn junior themes would be turned in 5 days before finals....I needed to use every available minute to get the thesis written and discuss the outline process.

And it about killed me.

After helping administer the test (translate: run around like a headless chicken tracking attendance, shaking kids outta the woodwork to make the required attendance percentage, finding test booklets lost by incompetent teachers, and putting out small fires caused by incompetent teachers and annoyingdamn students) and teaching my four classes (which was another episode of "Let's Herd Cats") I came home each night and did a faceplant on the couch...only to get up, go to bed, and get up to go to school at the pre-crack of dawn to start the whole thing over again....hence the lack of postings this past week.

Two pieces of good news:

1. The check for the deposit for gymnastics camp cleared my bank account. This means that Buggy is registered...and will be voyaging to BoomerSoonerLand to learn how to fly through the air with more finesse and precision.

2. The check for the KeepSouthlakeSlow campaign also cleared my bank account...AND I received my "Deferred Disposition Granted" letter in the mail today. I have to keep my nose clean for the next 90 days, not only in terms of traffic violations...but also in terms of other laws of the state and nation. Well, hell. There goes that life of crime I was planning!


As if.

I'm headed to the couch to watch some movies....WHICH REMINDS ME....


This father and daughter brought their smallyappydog to Blockbuster this evening. Apparently leash laws and "Service Animals Only" restrictions don't apply in the hoitytoity section of Ubercity.

I can hear you, "But, Ms. H....people bring their dogs with them all the time. It's really not a big deal...they usually have them in those froo-froo carriers that look like luggage."

Oh no, my friend.


I'm sorry...but I didn't come to a place of business so I could dodge your smallyappydamn dog and his sniffer while I try to decide if I want to spend 2.99 to rent that blasted movie right in front of you on that shelf.

I almost wished I could produce severe asthma attacks on cue.

I would have owned that dog, lemme tell ya.

To the couch go I.