Alphabet Soup

I've never actually been diagnosed by a healthcare professional, but I would definitely say I fit all the qualifications for having ADHD. I have an incredibly hard time focusing on one project at a time...because that one over there looks fun, too.

This isn't too bad...I've learned to deal with it...until it collides with my also-never-been-diagnosed latent OCD tendencies. And when I say "latent"...I mean incrediblydamnfar under the radar.

Until I am one day out from an appointment for my casa with the carpet shampooers the next day.

Then, the planets, they do collide.

I spent the majority of the day cleaning like a madwoman. Mind you, the only requirement was that the carpet/traffic path was clear....but that not only opened the door to the OCD tendencies, it waved the big red flag.

I was Radar Woman. I zeroed in on each and every pile of dirt, papers, old magazines, shoes, you name it...eversodetermined to make all the mess go away.

Although I've read the books that say "You should clean one room at a time, so you don't get distracted, blahblahblah"...that is SO not me. Through the course of the day, I bounced from one room to another incessantly. I even spent a fair amount of time in the kitchen, organizing the pantry. (OCD tip of the day: When shopping at Albertson's grocery store for canned vegetables, buy the store brand. The bottoms of the cans are cleverly designed to nestle inside the top of another they sit solidly on the shelf. Not like those other, hoity-toity, name-brand cans...that like to torpedo off the shelf and aim for your toes!!)

Somehow, I managed to get everything done by 9:15 p.m....and was hit in the face by the aftereffects of a previous attack of my ADHD.

I couldn't remember if the leasing office had told me to vacuum or not.

After smacking myself in the head for not "listening for details" I had a decision to make.

On one hand, it was reallllllllly late to be vacuuming. And, even though DownstairsGirl had her music JAMMING today...and I could FEEL it through my floor...I thought it might be rude to vacuum on top of her little cabeza at oh-dark-hundred.

On the other hand, I didn't want CarpetDudes to get here, expecting me to have vacuumed, and, finding I hadn't -- turn around and leave. (I had to reschedule my digital cable installation last week b/c I forgot to leave a signed copy of the digital service agreement for CableDude when he came to install. DOH!) Wow. I didn't want to have that happen again.

Then, the final piece fell into place with a little *snick* sound.

The thought occured to me that "Maybe it'll get her damnyappydog stirred up...and she can experience the hell I live through each and every time someone walks up the steps during the day...or even THINKS about walking up the steps. Yappiness, everywhere!!"

Fire it up, boys!!

I even made sure to change the bag, so I could do the best job possible.

Afterall, I wouldn't want to disappoint the CarpetDudes.

*angelic grin*

(Thanks to my cleaning binge, I gotta go figure out my plan for getting my progress grades AND my Peer Editing instructions done during one little conference period in the morning. Wish me luck.)