Random Ruminations

Group Messages:
Your right to post emails to a Group Messages box should be subject to the same scrutiny as entering a foreign, hostile country. Each time you attempt to enter the country (post a message), your passport should be examined to see if you have violated any laws (such as excessive posting and replying-to-all when you should have replied-to-sender) to determine whether or not you should be allowed entry (the ability to hit the send button). I have several colleagues who would be "deported" so fast their heads would spin.

Workplace Safety
Yes, OHSA exists to protect the worker in the workplace. It has served it's purpose to make workplaces across the country safer places. However, Workers' Comp was not designed to replace basic, garden-variety, common sense. If you are walking down a hall where there are 3 students on their hands and knees diligently cleaning up a mess IN PLAIN VIEW...for Pete's sake, PAY ATTENTION. My belief, if you were dumb enough to NOT see the students cleaning up the spill, what makes you think you would have seen a wet-floor sign??! Bright yellow signs have nothing on the sight of high school students exerting effort to actually clean up a mess. If you with your Teacher Radar fail to notice teenagers WORKING...a wet-floor sign is not going to help you, my friend.

Group Messages + Workplace Safety
If you have been the dimwitted "victim" of such a workplace accident...please do not out yourself as una Idiota Grande and send out a Group Message about the need for people to exercise Workplace Safety and handle spills in a safe manner. Or, if you must...I'd really suggest praying that your coworkers take the high road and decide not to 'reply-all" and out you on Group Messages for the slowchild that you are.